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Save the current project to a .zip file. This can take some time
Load a zipped project

Load a context background image

Background Brightness:
Controls Brightness of the background image

Dispersion-based fixation identification (I-DT):
Max Cluster Distance:
130 pixels
Controls how far apart consecutive eye-tracking points can be and still be clustered together. Points seperated by a row with coordinates at zero or empty strings will not be clustered.

Min Fixation Time:
80.0 ms
Controls how long a cluster must last to be considered a fixation

Recomputes the clustering for the raw data, e.g. if the clustering controls are changed

Controls the scale of the data and the coordinates of the top-left corner of the data (offset) in relation to the spatial canvas

Allows for cropping the spatial screen by selecting an AOI or dragging a rectangle
Undoes the previous crop action
Reset the spatial screen to the size of the background image, if one has been loaded
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The cropped area for analysis on the canvas starting at the "from" x and y coordinate, continuing for the "span" width and height values which are noted in relation to the data values

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Toggles showing saccade lines connecting fixations

Allows for edge-bundling the filtered saccades. Short cutoff controls the minimum saccade length to be considered in the bundling. Use "Crop" to zoom in to bundle more saccades. Rigidity controls how much saccades will bend and heat controls how quickly they bundle
Save the saccade values
Bundling stopped.

Use "Crop" to zoom in to bundle more saccades.
Number of saccades being considered in bundling:


Timeline Mode:
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Toggles various modes for the timelines: Coloured AOIs (default), AOIs across the Selected Sample, or samples across the Selected AOI.

Timeline Mouseover Width: seconds

Toggles whether the timelines represent the recorded time of fixations (original), or to compress the timeline to a cumulative fixation duration, removing gaps

Toggles whether the timeline is scaled so that all samples use the full length, or whether the true relative length of the datasets is shown

Time Animate:
Allows for filtering and animating spatial and timeline canvases over time. Does not effect metrics or other viz features
Toggles video linking visualization

Toggles tooltip visibility Highlight visibility of selected data via green boxes

Load a new dataset from a formatted .tsv file or select a group of .tsv files to upload.
Toggle Time Window of Interest controls in Sample List
Show/hide all samples on the canvas
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Sort By:
Sort the datasets alphabetically by name
Sort the datasets by duration
Sort the datasets by total fixation duration
Sort the datasets by group number
    Show/hide all TWIs on the canvas
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      Toggles visibility of AOIs on spatial canvas
      Make polygon AOIs
      Make ellipse AOIs
      Make Rectangle AOIs
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      Toggles visibility of labels within the AOIs on spatial canvas
        Toggle visibility of notes on spatial canvas
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          Data Grouping Colours:

          TWI Colours:

          AOI Colours:

          Saccade Type Colours (Short, Basic, Glance):

          Saccade Directional Colours:

          Ordering Colours (Before, Glance, After):

          Matrix Colours (Matrix, Column, Row):

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          Spatial Canvas:

          Export spatial canvas Crop spatial canvas by background image

          Timeline Canvas:

          Export timeline canvas Crop timeline canvas by timeline chart

          Metric Canvas:

          Export metric canvas
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          Uses columns in matrix to represent Samples
          Uses columns in matrix to represent Groupings of samples
          Uses columns in matrix to represent AOIs
          Uses columns in matrix to represent Groupings of AOIs
          Uses columns in matrix to represent Time Windows of Interest within the selected sample
          Uses columns in matrix to represent Groupings of Time Windows of Interest within the selected sample
          Toggles showing the exact value in the middle of matrix cells
          Save the metric values
          Export the current canvas
          Controls the number of grid cells (N by N) used in grid-based relative density metrics
          Toggles showing small views of density comparison maps within matrix cells
          Data filtering:
          Toggles showing the entire data, selected individual data, or selected group
          Toggles showing the entire twi data, selected individual twi, or selected twi group
          Toggles showing selected individual AOI, or selected AOI group